Positive WISDOM Affirmations Daily

Living Life With Positivity, Optimism, Gratitude, And WISDOM Unbound PHI

Posted by Ronald Legarski on

Affirm To Yourself A Lifelong Success With WISDOM As A Guide Positive + Affirmations, also called Self-Speak, personal reminders or self-suggestions, are absolutely essential in building Positive + Attitudes and Convicted Confidence In Our Own Capabilities. A Positive + Affirmation must contain the following Key Ingredients: Positive + Words and WISE Phrases Like Reciting Proverbs And LIVING THEM INWARDS REFLECTING OUTWARDS ONWARDS AND UPWARDS. (Speak And Say These Practice Positive + Words In The First [1st] Person And The Present Tense Logical Detail NOW WON 0NE 1 GR8 G8 FA8 CHECK MA8, RA8) Φ I AM … DIVINE, PRIME, TIME Φ...

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